Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5. How I See the Universe

I am a little bit sleep deprived, and not on any drugs I swear, but this is how I see the universe this really altruistic nice thing.

The sun and the earth are in this contract, where the earth revolves around the sun thereby giving it on the surface the power. But the thing is, if the earth didn't revolve around the sun then the sun would just be a huge burning garganutan fireball hanging in the void. The earth gives its life meaning and makes it into this celestial anchor that holds down eight planets and many many thousand rotating bodies. Like the prevailing myth that the top is in control in gay sex, the sun only seems to be in control of the solar system. There is a reciprocity in between the sun and its orbiting bodies.

The stars seem pretty chill. Like I can't tell if they are stoner bros that like to just hang out and "twinkle" (if that's not a reference to a trip I don't know what is). They just make up this shiny curtain of dragonfly lights on the arbor of the universe. Alternatively maybe they are crying for help. Like they give off light because they want some hunk of rock to come orbit around them and give their life meaning. Does having orbiting bodies give a star's existence meaning? So like is having a lot of them having a lot of kids or having really successful one? I feel like the sun is that mom at soccer games that brags about her kids. Like "I have sentient life forms" is the new "My kid got into Harvard with a full ride". But I think the sun is not an asshole. The sun seems pretty chill.

I'm not on anything. I swear.