Monday, September 5, 2011

The Summer of Feeling: A Labor Day Coda

Summer 2011 was the summer of feeling. It started and ended with a trip to both Mr. Softee and Absolute Bagels, and the promise of something good to come. In May, I was kind of worried about what I was doing with the summer, but it all worked out. In September, I'm still kind of undecided, but I'm really excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

Summer 2011 was the summer of finally realizing I didn't need a boy, and in doing so finding one. I started with a romantic fizzle, and decided the male species could go fuck itself. This made me happier and more independent, and thus caught me a certain boy toy by June's end. Even though this too went south, we still had some good times. The summer ended with another romantic no-go, so I'm swearing off boys again. You got to do you in the summer of feeling.

Summer 2011 was the summer of saying a final fuck you the accumulated freshman and sophomore 15 and getting fit again. I ran like nobody's business, a habit that I hope continues. I drank a hell of a lot less than during the year, and smoked little to no weed. It was a summer of moderation, but not temperance (sweet wounded Jesus not temperance).

Summer 2011 was the summer of social justice. Living in a crap (but wonderful!) neighborhood and teaching in a crap (but wonderful!) neighborhood was such a needed change from the mighty whitey hegemony of Morningside Heights. If you want something to get you off your high horse, teach for an at risk youth program. After a week of icky Eat Pray Love style "appreciation", I fell into a nice balance with the kids and the surroundings. I hope I make it out to Crown Heights again soon. It's a nice place to live.

Summer 2011 was the summer of realizing who matters. There is nothing quite like living an hour away from everything to teach you who you actually like. I saw the people I wanted to see, and appreciated them all the more for it. I missed the people I missed, and if we're reunited now, plan to appreciate them all the more for it. I had a pretty bomb dot com roommate that made the whole time fly by.

Summer 2011 was the summer of living the dream. Oh, was it ever.