Sunday, February 27, 2011

1. Introduction


Welcome to my blog. Perhaps you stumbled upon this by making a typo in a search engine. Perhaps you are a friend of mine who discovered this either when I left my computer open or maybe I was drunk enough to tell you about this. Perhaps you actually stumbled upon this on StumbleUpon. For whatever reason you are here.

Theoretically (by which I mean "what I would want if I were reading a random blog hidden in the bowels of the internet") this post, as the opening one, would include some concise description of the content that can (will?) be found here. The problem lies in the implication that I know the content that can (/will) be found here. Which is a verbose way of saying I'm making this up as I go along. I expect this is going to be fairly self-evident anyway.

(An aside: writing this section feels weird and self-indulgent, like a personal ad or online dating thing. I'm trying to toe the line between polished enough to be presentable (readable) and unpolished enough to be interesting and realistic. How am I doing?)

All of this is a way of merely excusing myself from responsibility if you are bored, annoyed, irritated, or in some other form unamused by my blog. Because remember, the Internet is full of a lot of things, and no one is making you read any of them.

That's a strong start, right? Is "It's not my fault if you read this blog" is exculpatory enough? Anyway, things less meta and therefore easier to write await.


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